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Sunny Bank Mills; Woven Stories & Weaving Voices

Liz O’Connell weaves with glass threads to creates glass textiles pieces that explore themes of domestic work and invisible labour.

The work featured in Woven Stories is inspired by researching her parents’ experience of working in the textile mills and wider weaving narratives developed through her exploration of the Archive at Sunny Bank Mills and her fascination with selvedge – the waste from weaving. These pieces also reference our psychological connections to thread, such as: fixing and mending, the state of ‘losing one’s thread’, and being ‘threadbare’.

I was part of Woven Stories which celebrated 10 years of art and culture at the mills featuring the work of 30 local artists and included pieces from my the research at the Archive - where I explored the processes and intergrated ideas about the fabric of who we are with weaving, to develop a practice about Emotional Weaving.

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