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Liz O Connell Glass - Open studios

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

York Open 20th Anniversary-Open studios

Weird and Beautiful -Wild Threads

I received so much engaging feedback from visitors during the York Open, and had such good conversations about the things I make... both the film and the objects. I am delighted to say that there was more response than I could have possibly foreseen regarding my films, i.e short videos where I use glass with everyday domestic materials on canvas and also my films of the mills and the film stills. I made this art during lockdown for the last module of my MA at Sunderland University . It was a tricky time to say the least with out access to the University's workshops and studios, most of the last module was made in my own home studio using everyday materials . Such straitened circumstances helped me in the forming in of ideas about conveying concepts as it did technically making glass objects.

For me the York Open was an amazing success despite the fact that we had to follow strict protocols, and compete with sport on the telly and witheringly HOT weather.

There was a great deal of of interest in the films which I had made, not only of the short videos of the textile mills and their locations but also of me using glass objects performatively. The ideas behind this allowed for some interesting conversations about heritage, work and 'invisible work' which I'm developing this year with some new glass materials and techniques.

An immense amount of effort goes into preparing for an an Open event- don't underestimate how organised you have to be ! ….It's hard work both from the artists and makers themselves and also the organising committee who pull the whole process together . It was the York Opens 20th Anniversary in 2021, and so a huge thanks to them and all the visitors.

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