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Drawing It Out.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Whenever you have your work academically evaluated, you feel as if there is a full stop, or if not a full stop, a comma punctuating what you are doing. It is also a time for reflection and talking to tutors on where you think you are going, and what your thoughts are on the constant push and pull of creating; in particular the potential fruitfulness of the process.

This is eclipsed by just one thought ...what do I do after the MA? Whilst I think around the 'post-MA projects and ideas', some of which were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the realisation crowds in on me that I am in the final module of an MA which will stretch over the summer, and that being probably the case, it is therefore doubtful that we will return to work in our university studio.

So, I will therefore endeavour to pursue my present line of enquiry and create 'textile' pieces, updating this thread with drawing and glass experiments. Furthermore, I will continue in my applications, as I am very interested in gender studies and social research, and making art that is accessible and part of a wider dialogue.

I am also going to explore ways of creating bigger textile piece if it's possible , by using thread to bind and weave as in textiles, and also ways of creating print by iPad drawings.

The drawings are explorations of mark-making which might translate into thread and sewing.

Glass fusing and confetti - not sure I like the final texture.

iPad Drawings - portraits and sketches that I am starting to develop with not just the 'literal' and 'figurative' means of expression but also, as it were, the rhythm of drawing, such as may be discerned in the manner of sewing.

As well as the necessary reading, I have also outlined in previous blogs about hidden gender such as that encountered in Caroline Criado-Perez's book expounding upon women's invisible or unacknowledged presence. I've been, probably like most people, very much immersed in the recent social phenomenon of the BLM movement and also BBC 2 programmes such as 'A House Through Time' ...there is so much hidden history.

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