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Thinking in Objects

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

In the past week during the MA, we have been involved in tutorials and online artist talks (Matt Szösz). These have been very interesting, and their content instrumental in making me look more closely at what I am making in terms of materials, shape, form, and colour.

I've also been looking at artists such as Wendy Fairclough, Donna Grant, Nobuko Tshuchiya, and Michael Craig-Martin.

I am still immersed in exploring everyday domestic objects such as textiles, dish cloths, and cleaning sponges, and would aim to make them larger and more abstract - if I had studio space at NGG! ...In such a situation, I would create them on a different scale in order to explore and hopefully make more explicit the relationship we have with domestic work, weaving and textiles, and everyday objects.

After reading about the politics of domestic work and women's invisibility, I still remain drawn to look at these issues through the prism of Clare Gallagher's photobook, 'The Second Shift', and the influence of Caroline Criado-Pérez by creating objects that are not conventionally beautiful yet are, at the same, time relatable.

I'm interested in producing objects that explore 'everydayness', while aiming to play with the value of what we perceive the object has.

I'd like to move towards work that is more original; work that utilises glass in a more contemporary way and uses it like one would use textiles or sculpture. I've ordered some brightly coloured glass stringers to create cloths/objects that are not only worn (such as domestic cloths can be) but also vibrant and 'potentially improbable' in the sense of being unexpected.

Yellow circles - creating circles and mesh

One of the woven dish cloths before it has been slumped with blue-stitched edges.

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